As You Go Missionaries



Husband, Father, Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist, Coach

Ryan has been in ministry for 17 years and is passionate about the lost and seeing lives changed.  He will be training leaders and pastors,  helping local churches, coaching sports teams, pastoring the children, and evangelizing anywhere the door opens. Ryan loves Jesus, being a husband and father, and ice cream.



Wife, Mother, Homeschooler,
Missions Director

Christy is a quiet leader, with a heart to bring people to Christ.  She desires to know people's hearts and story.  She has a passion for orphans and the next generation of leaders and missionaries. Christy enjoys homeschooling our four children, loves animals, candy, and is excited to be the Missions Director.



Missionary, Student, Messenger, World Changer

Conner is our excited learner and a replica of his father.  Conner is in sixth grade. He loves to read and teach the Bible. He spends his spare time reading and playing games.  Conner also loves cats.  When Conner grows up he wants to be a pastor.

As You Go Missionaries



Missionary, Student, Messenger, World Changer

Elias is our creative mastermind!  Elias is in fourth grade. He loves to be creative, to swim, climb trees, ride his bike, roller blade, and play video games. When Elias grows up he wants to be whatever God asks him to be.



Missionary, Student, Messenger, World Changer, Princess

Brielle is the princess. She is in first grade and loves dogs, math, singing, dippin dots, and dancing.  In her spare time she likes roller blading and playing with her brother, Wesley.  When Brielle grows up she wants to be a doctor.



Missionary, Student, Messenger, World Changer, Future Super Hero

Wesley is our little super hero. He is currently in pre-school.  He loves to use his imagination, play with super heroes, and he is excited to be a missionary in Honduras.  When he grows up he wants to be a garbage truck or Shark Boy!